Packing Process

Clothes are thrown over the bed in a mess. Shoes, bags, and jackets scatter the floor. Electronics, make-up, scarves, and more.

Packing for a months-long trip can be daunting -

The packing process is full of stages. Disaster might be one.

The guest room of our house looks like the remnants of a battle…between everything I own.

For someone with slight OCD, packing is always stressful. But packing for 6 months of living and travelling, during three different seasons, well that turns into something entirely different.

I procrastinated packing for so long. Like a teenager puts off a project until the night before. But I knew that I couldn’t do all of this last minute.

With little room, I have to think so carefully about what I’m taking, what I’ll wear, what I’ll use. But the process of packing just makes me that much more excited about the adventure itself.

In a few days, I’ll be in Ireland.

Of course I’m nervous. But I’m super excited. This is the chance of a lifetime. I’m looking forward to living in Waterford and studying at their amazing university. Study abroad is a great opportunity.

First, I’ll have to get through the flights, something I am definitely not looking forward to. Especially being sick.

I’m going to miss my family, my friends, and the climbing gym I work and climb at. They have all made and changed my life in so many ways. This trip will allow me to grow as a person for the better, to learn exactly who I am and who I want to be. And I can’t wait to see what is ahead of me.

Thanks to technology, I’ll be in touch through every way possible.

May the road rise up to meet ya.